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Broadband – Internet Connection For the 21st Century

Almost a decade into the 21st century, internet is appearing in more and more homes around the world. With the appearance of broadband, dial-up internet is no longer the only option, but what is broadband internet and is it worth the higher price tag? Dial-up internet could only transfer 56 kilobits per second in addition to tying up a phone line.

Internet Plan A


20 GB Anytime Data
50 GB Bonus Bytes*

Time Before Broadband Connections

This was too slow to browse the internet efficiently or view videos let alone download anything. It also meant a constant struggle between family members for the phone and internet. Broadband internet, also known as high-speed internet, is not only much faster, but it also does not monopolize a phone line. Since its premiere, broadband internet has become an increasingly popular choice, and you might be considering switching but want to learn more before you make your choice.

The minimum speed for an internet service to qualify as broadband differs according to who is defining it. Some define broadband as a service with a rate of 64 kilobits per second while others are much higher, such as the United States FCC’s definition of 768 kilobits per second as the minimum download rate for a broadband service. There are a number of various broadband internet technologies, but the two most common are DSL and cable modems

One disadvantage of broadband internet service is that it is definitely more expensive than dial-up. You are paying for what you get, which is faster internet, but sometimes the prices are high. Some companies charge as much as $50 a month for some high-end broadband internet services. When choosing a broadband plan, you should carefully check different plans and companies to see what would be the best fit for you. You do not want to pay for things you do not need. For example, if you play many online real-time games, then a very fast internet plan would probably be best. On the other hand, if you only use the internet for email and surfing the internet, then you would only need a basic plan.

Another disadvantage is that because broadband internet is a much newer invention, it is not available in some rural areas. In other rural areas, there may be a broadband internet provider, but it is extremely expensive because it monopolizes the market in that region. As internet technology has progressed, it has become more efficient and cheaper and is a good choice to consider. If you are not sure whether you want to commit to it yet, some companies offer a cheap introductory package that you can get and cancel after a trial period.

Internet Plan B


Up To 8 Mbps Download Speed
Up To 3 Mbps Upload Speed

Today consumers prefer to have fast Internet connections for a variety of activities. These can range from personal interests such as playing online games, transferring files, listening to online music and sending and receiving e-mails to business purpose. With the increase in usage of the Internet, speed is the most important consideration for user looking for an Internet solution. And when we talk about high speed Internet connection, it has to be a broadband service.