Why e-mail Only?

This site is a work in progress trying to provide everything by e-mail as a comprehensive reference tool showing the e-mail only user how to make the most of the Internet.

Includes RFCs by e-mail, accessing the internet by e-mail, agora servers, anonymous posting by e-mail, anonymous servers, archie by e-mail, archie servers, e-mail FAQs, finger by e-mail, finger gateways, finger servers, ftp by e-mail, ftp servers, getweb by e-mail, getweb servers, gopher by e-mail, gophermail servers, gophermail, jughead by e-mail, jughead servers, mail2news gateways, mail2news, other e-mail only servers, search engines by e-mail, usenet by e-mail, uudecode by e-mail, uudecoding e-mail, veronica by e-mail, veronica servers, web by e-mail, webmail servers, webmail, whois by e-mail, whois gateways, whois servers, www by e-mail, www4mail by e-mail, www4mail servers, and the WWW by e-mail.

According to some estimates, 26% [Nelson Wang, “Nielsen Survey Finds 48M Net Users,” Web Week, 12/15/97. Strong Growth in Online Purchasing] of the 48 million US and Canadian Internet users use e-mail. Other surveys show that 15 million global Internet users access the Internet exclusively by e-mail. In the United States, these include BBS, Fidonet, and other similar users. In many developing countries and Eastern Europe, e-mail connections are the rule rather than the exception. However e-mail does not detract a user from making full use of the Internet.

Who Am I?

I’m a retired IBM mainframe systems programmer by profession, a dedicated Internet searcher by design and a retired part-time community college teacher.

NOTE: As of July 2003 I’m more interested in bicycling and enjoying the good-life in retirement rather than spending time on e-mail only related pursuits.

I used to answer a lot of questions on various lists (ACCMAIL, NETTRAIN, HELP-NET, and PCWORKS) that I am subscribed to, some of which are cataloged at Google Groups

I was the owner and moderator of the ACCMAIL mailing list from October 1997 until June 2002. I was also the Accessing The Internet by E-mail FAQ maintainer from January 1999 until August 2003. Consequently, my web pages are dedicated to e-mail only users and show how to use e-mail to do just about everything.

NOTE: Most of this information is no longer maintained.

This page is setup such that many of my favorite sites, search engines (How do you think I find all the answers?) and interests are linked via words and phrases found throughout this document.

You will also notice the absence of graphics at this site as well as the long length of each web page. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. I believe in the Viewable With Any Browser Campaign
  2. I believe in Accessible Web Pages
  3. I don’t believe in frames